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BEAT | A modern way of leading change

A simple cure for complex leadership challenges

BEAT is for people who believe that better results are created through change in behavior. It helps leaders to ensure behavioral change, speed up Execution and improve Accountability and Transparency. It helps people to Build new habits, get Empowered, make their Accomplishments visible and live up the story Together.

BEAT is a revolutionary change management philosophy, method and platform tested with hundreds of organizations. Typical challenges in change management:

  • People don’t understand the story or the part they play in it.

  • People don’t feel like they are a part of the change.

  • Good intentions and goals don’t turn into actions or the needed behavior change has never been properly clarified.

  • Critical actions are forgotten and get weaker through time, thus the strategy doesn’t become real in people’s daily work and the results are not reached.

BEAT is for people and organizations who believe that better results are created through change in behavior.

The 4 journeys of change

In order to succeed in change, you need to succeed in 4 journeys:

  1. Targets into a story,

  2. Story into actions,

  3. Actions into habits,

  4. Habits into results.

The BEAT method guides you through these journeys and the BEAT platform ensures that your strategic plan is turned into habits and eventually results.

  1. Turn your strategic targets into a story that inspires people and gives them a reason to invest in.

  2. Turn that story into actions, highlighting the specific things people need to consistently do to live out the strategic story.

  3. Create winning habits out of actions by reminding and supporting people regularly.

  4. Enjoy seeing those habits turning into the results you desire.

The BEAT platform ensures that your strategic plan turns into habits and results

The BEAT change management platform supports people in strategic behavior change. The easy to use app reminds people about the most important actions and supports them in practicing new habits. Full transparency helps in rewarding people for focusing on the right things.

BEAT bridges the gap between your strategy and people’s daily work. The key benefits are:

  • Reminds and supports in meeting the most important actions on a weekly basis

  • Makes people’s accomplishments visible and encourages learning

  • Motivates interaction beyond department boundaries

  • Makes changes in actions and results measurable and transparent

  • Enables the fast rhythm of change management and communication

BEAT helps your employees to keep the most important behaviors alive in daily work and reach your goals through a focused effort.

Do you want to learn more about BEAT and its creator? Check out the Trainers' House here.

Or even better - do you want to experience BEAT? Contact us.

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